Ask for Advice

Bounce your business ideas around. Speak with family, friends and even competitors about what you have in mind. It does not matter if they do not understand well your business or market; they can point to gaps and new opportunities. In addition, most importantly, listen to their questions! Their doubts or lack of understanding might […]

Recorded notes

 I find it very difficult to remember some idea that comes to my mind when I am on the road or doing something else unrelated to work. Usually they seem wonderful at the time they occurred to me thus forgetting it create some stress… Several years ago I solved this problem by getting a small voice […]

Communicate to grow – the role of communication

Entrepreneurs are, in general, jack of all trades. They have to wear different hats and they must perform well no matter what they are doing. Their minds are constantly ticking and thinking about how to take their business from start to growth. However, there will be a time when the business overgrow the entrepreneur capacity […]